Gardening today and I have pictures and radishes to prove it!

First Radishes
We had rain Sunday and Monday so I have waited to get out into our little garden and spray the Sevin we use for bugs.  Today there is no foreseeable rain and it is a beautiful morning so I dressed for gardening and headed out with the hoe and bug spray in hand and I had the good sense to take the camera with me and got a few lovely shots of our first crops. 

 First Tomato 
First Pepper
After hoeing up the weeds that I could and spraying I pulled a half dozen cherry bell radishes but it looks as though the French breakfast radishes won't make anything.  Funny how they are just next to each other and one does nicely as the other is all stems.  If there is an explanation for this or even a theory I would love to know it!!

Also took a few shots of some of the blooms this morning.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

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