Make Stock to Freeze & Clean Out Your Freezer!!

Diane my best friend always has said I can make a dollar go further than anyone she has ever known.  Part of this is that I am about 9 maybe 10 years older than she and it was a different time.  Part of it was I was raised by farm people gone to outside of a  small town with enough ground and enough connection to it to continue the old ways.  She was from a professional family and had long been in the city.  It is because I have always done things like this.

Well anyway......I need to make room in the freezer for some strawberries I intend to slice and freeze today.  I had made 5 batches of freezer jam last week from strawberries and they took up a bit of my available room.  So when I need room I take stock of what I have and often am able to use the saved items for a big batch of stock.  There was the turkey carcass I bagged and froze and the packages of backs, necks, and wing tips I had saved and froze.   These will made a beautiful stock to cook and freeze.

Added note:  I always find things I forgot I had and either use them or pitch them!! So it is a good thing to do this every couple of months lest it get too far ahead of you.

Often I buy large beef roasts, cut or grind them myself and keep the trimmings and bones to cook up for a batch of beef stock.  I also use large steak bones from round or porterhouse if I have them to throw into the pot!  My Mother used to use boiling beef for this and that is how I was inspired with this plan. 

So I set out with a really large stock pot for the poultry pieces and a smaller one for the beef. How much I yield is determined to how much I have in the kettle as you want to just cover everything with  water.

Here are the ingredients I used today for each pot:

1 large onion washed bit not peeled
3-4 cloves garlic washed but not peeled
4-6 carrots washed and broken into 3-4" pieces
4 stalks celery washed and broken into 4-5 " pieces, include leaves
1/2 t. whole black peppercorns
1 T. kosher salt
3-4 sprigs fresh summer savory
3-4 sprigs fresh thyme
fresh water to cover all

Next I partially covered the pans and set them to come to a boil.  Then turn back the fire to a slow simmer.  I really like to leave this for 24 hours.  I don't have a problem leaving it all night as I am up to check it several times as I am a very light sleeper and don't require  much.

Lastly I strain the luxurious liquid into containers and freeze for another day. Today's yield was 10 quarts.  3 of beef stock and 7 poultry.

By the way the stock and the post was started yesterday, Monday morning and was finished Tuesday, (today) afternoon.


Judy said...

Every time I try to make stock and save it, it ends up smelling and tasting like freezer. I tried using canning jars once and got them too full. Won't try to describe what a mess I had. How do you use those plastic freezer containers and not have them taste like freezer?

Diane Cosby said...

I don't know?? It has always been fine. I do use it quickly because I am always making something and need it. Sorry not to be more help.

Diane Cosby said...

I stayed awake last night trying to figure out why you would have this occur. My thoughts have led me to ask if you have a frost free freezer? I keep most of my items in a regular deep freeze that is NOT frost free and don't have a problem.

Before I retired I managed furniture and appliance businesses for 30 years and it was my observation that the frost free models (in my opinion) do not do as good a job long term. I base that on the way they function. They have a mechanism that removes the humidity from the appliance and makes the air very dry to keep frost from forming. I am wondering if the air movement and the constant dehydration of the air in the refrigerator could have the effect you are seeing?

Earning My Cape said...

There are few things better, when cooking, than using a nice homemade stock! Thanks for sharing how you make yours!