Herb Planting Day on the Patio

Left top Summer Savory, Thyme, Mexican Tarragon, Lower left Sweet Basil and Genovice Basil.  These are cuttings I took today as I planted.
It seems like I am late in doing this but it isn't Mother's Day yet and that has usually been my yardstick.  I try to get a good start before Mother's Day but after May 1 as that is generally considered the frost date here.  Actually it is just that we had no winter to speak of and it has been quite warn quite early this year.  Makes for me to be confused!!  No doubt the bugs will be a terror as I have already found a tick which totally creeps me out.

At any rate the garden is progressing but we need to replace at least 3 of the tomatoes as they were literally beaten to death by the recent wind and rain.  Today I planted 4 large pots of herbs for the patio in addition to the 2 varieties of basil I put in the garden a week and a half ago and the Rosemary , Chives, and Thyme that wintered over.  I was in hopes the Lemon Grass would make it but it didn't.  I am out scouting greenhouses to find some though.

Today I also took cuttings from the largest basil plants, about 4", and stuck the stems in water after stripping off the lower leaves.  It should root within a week or two and be ready to plant.  I think it is a terrific idea to keep cutting it back and starting new plants in succession for a long crop of it's wonderful culinary uses.  Heck I just love the smell!!!  Let alone the glorious results that happen when combined with fresh Indiana tomatoes!!

You can tell I am sure that I get all excited about playing in the dirt and the plants and herbs.  It is true.


Carolie said...

Checked on my cut basil today and I believe I am starting to see roots form! I am so excited!

I am also growing lemon thyme, French tarragon, rosemary, Italian oregano, English lavender, and Chamomile. In addition I am growing five different kinds of mint: orange mint, lavender mint, chocolate mint, apple mint, and sweet mint.

If you have any words of wisdom for growing these I would love to hear! So far most are growing well. Some of my mints may be getting a little too much sun so I may have to change their location. They are starting to wilt, some more than others.

Diane Cosby said...

Usually most herbs are carefree and do not require much attention. Most love the sun and do fine in poor soil. Sounds like your herbs are doing great and I am glad.