Candied Dill Pickles

My late Mother-in-law used to go to Montgomery, Indiana to the Amish community and buy gallon jars of the most delicious candied sweet pickles. thus began my love of them.  Then there was a farmers market that handled candied dills and I was gone on them!  So lately I have been hunting pickle recipes to find one to make myself.

There are quite a few that are quite similar and usually are attributed to family and friends.  They all seem a bit sketchy but alike!  Many claim to be of unknown origin.

I adapted a bit of several and all of none and here is the result for my version of candied dill pickles:

1 large jar of whole dill pickles (I used 42 Oz. size)
3 C. sugar
1/2 C. cider vinegar
1 heaping T. pickling spices

Empty the jar of pickles into a large nonreactive bowl.  Save 1/2 C. of the brine and set aside, discard the remaining brine.  Wash the pickles and slice into 1/4" chunks.  Combine the sugar, vinegar, reserved brine,  and chunks of pickles and set aside.  Stir occasionally until the sugar dissolves fully.

Meanwhile cut a 4" square of cheesecloth and place the pickling spice in the center of the square.  Gather the corners up and tie the cheese cloth securely forming a bag if spices.  Trim the excess if needed.  Set aside.

After the sugar has dissolved drop the bag of spices into the bottom of the original pickle jar and repack the pickles and new formed juices in to fill.  Secure the cap and shake well.  Refrigerate for at least 4 days before tasting because you will not want to quit with just one pickle!!  Shake the jar occasionally to mix the flavors.  These just keep getting better the longer they sit.

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Marina said...

I've never heard of this recipe, but sounds delicious and I wouldn't end up trying just one piece..:)