Marshmallow Fondant Episode 3, Two Birthday Cakes!!

Dinosaur Cake for Sam, 2 baby T-Rex's and Big Daddy T-Rex!
Digger Cake for Jack with Tools!!
Today Katie and Emily came to help finish the birthday cakes we are making for Jack's  and Sam's 4th birthday.  We have had a great time with this project and I would encourage all Mom's and Grandmother's or sisters or friends to get after trying this.  The girls agree this fondant tastes way better than what you buy already prepared or in a mix.  SEE,  "MAKING MARSHMALLOW FONDANT PART 1"   7/3/12.

First we gathered everything we were going to need and pulled out the Hoosier Cabinet as it is wonderful for rolling anything with it's huge gleaming white porcelain top.  We worked in the dining room on the big oak table and had lots of room to spread out with two caked going at once!

After wiping down the work surface I buttered it and dusted it with cornstarch.   No worries, nothing stuck at all.  Everything kneaded, turned, and rolled beautifully.

We started by trimming the cakes as needed then we brushed them with vanilla syrup to help keep them moist.  We frosted between the offset layers then Katie put on the first crumb coat.  I started the rolling and Emily smoothed it for the final thickness using the banded fondant rolling pin to achieve uniform thickness.  I rolled the sheet onto the pin and lifted it to the first cake then repeated the process for the second.

We used tiny cutters for the lettering and a big 4 to denote the days reason for celebration.

Meanwhile we were placing globs of color into the center of two plain balls of fondant to color them.  One grey for the road and one blue for the stream.

We rolled and cut and lifted.  Until our cakes were created with our imaginations running wild as we added a stop sign, rocks, road cones, and using a garlic press we made enough grass to MOW!! 

Panic struck when my vintage 1965 cast garlic press broke!

Lucky for me our local market had them when I called so off I went.  As we resumed we noted the new garlic press made WAY BIGGER grass.  At that point we went back and took grass off one to finish the other and put all of the new big grass on the first.  It worked perfectly and I only have a couple of new white hairs to show for it!!

Emily and Katie were a tremendous help and did a terrific job!!  The cakes are beautiful.  Jack and Sam will be happy when they see them I am sure.


E said...

Awww your cakes turned out so cute and how special they're made with so much love. I agree about the fondant. A friend told me about this fondant and we used it for a baby shower cake. It turned out great. If I can do it I encourage any one to try. I really like that it keeps so well, so you can easily do ahead and not be crazed the day of your party. Steaming in New Albany, E

cambric cotton said...

What fantastic cakes, both boys must have been excited to see them. My son makes all the birthday cakes for his family, he has the artistic streak needed and loves doing it. Hope you had a wonderful day

Diane Cosby said...

Thanks so much!!! You both sound as though you too are Blessed with wonderful families.

All That I'm Eating said...

Those cakes are amazing! I like your grass making technique. Wish I had the skill to make things like this.