Giant Sub Sandwiches, Make Now, Serve All Weekend Long!

Whatever fillings you choose this is a great item to keep in mind and in your refrigerator!
Today Brian's good friend Mike came by to assist with an air conditioning pump problem.  Brian noticed water on the garage floor and Mike is a Heat and Air guy.  As friends they often help one another out.  We were very grateful today for Mike's help.

With temperatures still soaring and the air conditioner on unsure status,  when lunch time rolled around,  I didn't want to disappoint but I didn't want to heat up the house either!!  When the kids were home we used to take a loaf of French bread and make huge sub sandwiches and stow them in the refrigerator then slice them as needed.  That became the plan.

Sub Sandwich Ingredient List:

1 whole loaf French bread
1/2  pound roast beef sliced
1/2  pound ham sliced
1/2  pound turkey sliced
1/2 pound hard salami sliced
1/2 pound Havarty pepper cheese
1 tomato sliced thin
1 sweet onion sliced thin
sliced pickle strips
pickled pepper rings
lettuce leaves
soft butter

Split the loaf od French bread in half length ways and hollow out the top and/or bottom a bit as needed to make a bed for the contents.  Save the crumbles and dry for crumbs if you wish.  Butter the bottom crust liberally to set up a barrier against moisture from the fillings.  Repeat the process with the top using the mayonnaise.  Place a layer of lettuce along the bottom trench.  Follow this with a layer of each variety sliced meat atop the last.  Use as much as you like, I am liberal with the fillings.  Next layer the tomato, onion, pickle, and pepper rings.  END the layering with the cheese as it too has a barrier property to it.  Top with the second half of the bread and press firmly together.

I like to use short wooden skewers to hold the sandwich in place.  Use a kitchen scissors to trim the height then double wrap tightly in plastic film.  Store in the refrigerator until serving time then slice into serving sized portions.  Yield 8-10 servings or 4-6 "man sized" servings.

Note:  You can make this sub your own and use whatever fillings you have on hand  from peanut butter and jelly with sliced bananas and berries to left over meat loaf or roast chicken,  or how about bacon and thinly sliced apples and dates,  it's all good!!

 If picnicking or tailgating cut the sub into serving sizes portions, wrap each, then drop the wrapped portions each into a large or individual zipper plastic bags and they are ready for the cooler.

Garden Notes:

PS:  I am really excited to have picked my first cucumber and handful of beans this morning.  There is a tomato turning too so we may see out fist one of this season very soon.   It has been so hot all of the heads of cabbage burst last week so I harvested, cleaned them well and have stored them in the spare refrigerator in the garage.


Marina said...

OK, it looks so good that I need to make one now... :)

cambric cotton said...

Even though we are in the middle of winter down here and I'm craving hot comfort food, this looks so good.

Diane Cosby said...

Middle of winter sounds like heaven to me right now!!! Glad you liked this one. I am wondering if you have ever tried hot subs?? I haven't made them yet but an thinking of it.