Easy Chicken Salad with My Homemade Pickle Relish.

Chicken Salad with Fresh Made Relish

You many recall I made pickle relish a few days ago and remarked that I hardly ever use store bought because it is just too mushy for me!!!  Not the case for this little discovery.  I WILL be making more of this magic pickle potion! Yesterday I found that I had a couple of thawed chicken breasts I needed to do something with before they got away from me (if you know what I mean).   After simmering them in stock for about 30 minutes and cooling I chopped them up a bit, added mayonnaise and a couple of tablespoonfuls of the freshly made pickle relish and it is absolutely terrific.  There was my lunch!

There really is no more than that to this.  Of course you could add celery or nuts or any number of things to this but the absolute simplicity of this was the beauty of it.

Note:  Recipe for,  "Fresh Cut Chunky Pickle Relish"  given on 7/11/12.

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