The Garden's Harvest in Spite of Drought

Given the size of my little garden and the severe drought here I was quite thrilled to pull about 15 pounds of tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, and peppers this morning.  I had not gotten out there since Thursday so from Friday to Monday it was quite a cornucopia!  I filled 3 half peck baskets to the brim plus a bit more.

This is my third and largest mess of green beans.  The vines still look go so I am in hopes they will bloom again when the weather breaks and continue to bear.  That was my thinking when I opted for pole beans to begin with.  Plus I like them on a high trellis for the ease of picking!

Same with the cucumbers.  The bees were really out working the bright yellow blooms.  We worked side by side as I pulled off the bright green "cukes" from their trellised vines.

The tomatoes have been a challenge as they are some on steel steaks and some in large cages.  The caged tomatoes want to blow over as the storms blow through and topple them and have to be tied to anchor them back upright. 

All and all it is a fun and rewarding enterprise.  I share tomatoes with my dear neighbors,  Bill and Doris and have canned some too.  When I get lazy I will freeze them with their skins slipped off for soups and stews this winter.

PS:  I have used the drip hose and watered weekly.

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