My Spring Cleaning Philosophy and New Found Treasures.

Large and colorful church lights up and shows off stained glass windows.
I firmly believe that it is necessary to rid yourself of things you no longer need, things that have collected through time, and things that are not useful to you anymore.  You need to do this and cycle on to others who are in need of what can be useful and is no longer a "treasure" to you but may be to them.  Or, if it is of no use just pitch it!  You need to do this to make room for new things to come into your life.

Each spring I am overtaken by an itch to go through drawers and closets and "just clean house".  It is nice to sort through, clean up, pack, and haul off!  Today was my first official day to do so.  I went through every drawer and cabinet in the upstairs bathroom and all of the medicines in the house and pitched 3 big bags of "stuff",  Then I swept the whole house and cleaned up the kitchen.

Beautiful snow capped house with porches lights up and is the perfect scale with the church.
I went downstairs and unpacked some more from my current batch of treasures from Grandma Powell.  Who knows how long she has had these lovely treasures boxed away.  Just guess what I have found! A large painted church and a house with a big front porch that light up!  These will go beautifully with the pieces I already have.  I am already excited for Christmas next year to see what I can put together and where I will do so.....Will they all go above on the mantel or is there room on the marble topped buffet?? Or maybe???  Well I have a good bit of time to think on this one.  For now I am going to set out the two new pieces until it warms up a bit more.  We have had snow off and on most of today so it is nice to see their snow topped trimmings. 

Such a lovely reward to have made room today for something new and a lovely surprise that validates my theory.  I will keep plugging away at my cleaning and pitching project.  There are at least 6 more boxes and tubs to go through from my last trip.  One day at a time!

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Sunshine said...

Diane, I think these are so unique and I am sure memorable to you and to the family.

Thanks for sharing with all of your friends.