Old Books Hold New Treasures for Me.

This book on embroidery is beautifully illustrated and shows complex and beautiful stitches as well as the basics.
Another one of my many "I just loves" is old books.  And wouldn't you know I just came across a couple of dandies!  These were all published in the early 60's but the information contained therein is still of value, to me anyway.  They were in one of the boxes I brought back from Indianapolis last week. 

Two were put out by the Singer Manufacturing Co. and are volumes 1 and 2 of the Singer Sewing Library.  Book 101 is How to Make Curtains and Book 102 is How to Make Draperies at a price of $.25, yes, that was 25 cents each!  The copyright date is 1960.  I have made lots of curtains and drapes so I chuckled and thought of dear old Miss Ruth Sproat, my Home Economics teacher and 4-H leader for many years.  I wonder if she is still living?

The fact the pages are yellowed with age makes it all the more fun for me!
The real treasure and the one I am most excited about is Creative Embroidery by Joan Nicholson, also copyrighted in 1960 .  I have collected several sources on embroidery in Pinterest as I love is as does my sister Linda.  We both have done lots and lots of embroidery.  I am fascinated by the lavish and beautiful small crazy quilt projects, extremely decorative, pieces with embellishments and embroidery currently being done.

I think it is a marvelous coincidence to have found these at a time that I can really appreciate them.
So I am excited with the prospects of perusing these old books and just thought I would share my enthusiasm with any of you who might share this love of vintage publications.

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