Birthday Cake

I am certainly impressed when my granddaughters make such a pretty cake!
Thought I would share these birthday photos this morning.  Emmy and Katie, my granddaughters are quite the bakers.  No doubt you will agree when I tell you they are 13  and 17 years old!!  They made me this lovely and delicious birthday cake and we celebrated with a pizza party, cake, ice cream, and fresh berries on Saturday.  She uses the marshmallow fondant which I find much tastier than what you buy.  Here are the links if you would like to make some too.  and  and also

The "little boys" four year old twins Jack and Sam made things for Grandma too!  Jack a lovely plate and Sam a little dinosaur, his favorite thing in this world. They now occupy places of honor in the living room.

To top this off the first crocus blooms opened in the front yard along the walk!  What a lovely day!
Thank you everyone.

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