Over One Million "Hits" Milestone Passed Last Weekend.

It doesn't really mean anything special to anyone but me.....but I have to tell you I am just tickled to death to think that over a million of you have stopped by to visit this little blog!

Wow!  I am just plain "got"! So as I am also suffering from a obviously early case of spring fever I thought I would combine some spring favorite pictures and the top posts to date.  Then I will get back to the "spring" cleaning at hand!

The number 1 post to date is Aunt Betty's 1-2-3 Cake in a mug. 

Number 2 is Buttermilk Pie.

Number 3 is Easiest Stove Cleaning.

Number 4 is Chocolate Chocolate Pudding Cake.

Number 5 is Helpful Hints for Scrubbing Bathrooms.

Number 6 is Making Egg Noodles.

Number 7 is Our First Snow.

Number 8 is Fruit Cream.

Number 9 is Home Cured Bacon.

Number 10 is Cleaning Dingy Sheet Pans.

Number 11 is Casserole of Pork Chops.

And, number 12 is Pecan Pie in Mason Jars.

Thank you all and do come again.


Sunshine said...

Diane, You have a great way to bring Spring fever into the air....Thank you, good neighbor.

cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Congratulations it is exciting to see the number of people that enjoy your blog, but I have to tell you that I hold you accountable for the amount of weight I put on over last winter with that 1,2,3 mug cake. It was so good and too easy to make. lol. Regards Wendy

Diane Cosby said...

You make me smile! Thank you both. Diane