The Slow Carb Diet (How to Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days Without Tons of Exercise

Eggs have about 15mg. protein and Macadamia Oil is the NEW Olive Oil.
Day 3 is here and actually I am feeling quite good. Last night as Brian sat munching Pay Day candy bars I went to the office and posted the pictures and edited yesterdays recipe. When I returned he was fast asleep on the sofa. After he went off to bed I had a yearning for "something," you know, that, I want something but I don't know what thing??? Well anyway, I think it was a craving for sweets so I sliced 2 ripe tomatoes and they tasted grand. That did the trick.

I have decided I am going to really give this my best shot and stay with it. So I am going to share the rules and really jump into this. After all the more I share with you the more I will embarrass myself if I don't have the hutspa, gonads, gumption etc. to stay with it.

Again this book was introduced to me on the DR. Oz show. It is titled, "The 4-hour BODY, by Timothy Ferriss who also penned the New York Times Bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek. (If the diet works at all I will buy it next!) Anyway Oz had his team try to find flaws and disprove this plan and much to his amazement they instead validated the findings. (There are some far out, like, taking ice baths, ideas.)

There are only 5 easy rules to this;

#1. No white carbohydrates. The only exception I have seen to the white rule is cauliflower.

#2. Eat the basic same few meals over again as it is easier. The goal is to construct each meal with one pick from each of the three groups. His basic list is as follows but it is NOT limited to these:




*black beans
pinto beans
red beans


*mixed vegetables(including broccoli, cauliflower, or any other cruciferous vegetables)
*sauerkraut, kimchee
green beans

* He has had the most success with the stared items.

#3. Don't drink any calories. ( Exception up to 2 glasses a night of red wine.)

#4. Don't eat fruit. (Exceptions are avocados up to 1 a day and tomatoes, no limit.)


YES, Take one day and pig out on whatever and as much of it as you like. Apparently it does not hurt a thing and in fact it helps keep you from the plateau thing.......Well, who would have thunk it???
As Tim says, "That's all folks!"

The redemption I see is being able to look forward on a weekly basis to baking something wonderful and having all the things I craved in the proceeding week. He says if you follow it 99% it never fails.
Actually he made a good case for just doing the breakfast thing. Which amounts to 30 mg. of protein 30-60 minutes after you get up. He documents that as a slower but noticeable loss rate. The other meals need to have 20 mg. protein.

He has presented enough encouragement for me to get on with it. We shall see. I am looking at my walking shoes and the treadmill.........

One last thing. There is something chemically positive about grapefruit juice. On the "binge" day, you do the normal breakfast routine then, before you eat a dozen or so glazed donuts, you drink a glass of grapefruit juice and then a cup of coffee.

Page 104. "Consume a small quantity of fructose, fruit sugar, in grapefruit juice before the second meal, which is the first crap meal. Even small fructose dosing has an impressive near-flat-lining effect on blood glucose. I could consume this at the first meal, but I prefer to combine the naringin in grapefruit juice with coffee, as it extends the effects of caffeine. "   He also has some supplement suggestions and I will wait and see about these.  Not a big pill taker here.

So I am still thinking about what we will have for dinner tonight....and what goodies for the binge day. More will come later......


Mitchell Sosebee said...

And then when you stop this insane diet you gain it all back plus more!

Mitchell Sosebee said...

Just eat healthy and exercise!

Diane Cosby said...

Actually I go off occasionally and do not gain because some of the changes I keep, like I drink only water or an occasional whiskey on the rocks. So I never drink calories and it is an easy change for me. I probably only eat 2 slices of bread a week and potatoes (I love) once a week. No cereal. Instead eggs and tomatoes or saute Asian mushrooms, green onions and scrambled eggs. Otherwise I enjoy meat, veggies, and occasional apples or plums. I am happy with it all and it works for me. A positive attitude is very helpful in life as well as on a diet! Good luck and best wishes to you!

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