Beef Steak and Onions What a Soup!!!

On 10/ 26/11 I gave a recipe for Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Soup that we thought was delicious and Brian had said at the time it was a "do again"!!!  LITTLE DID HE had made enough to freeze 1 1/2 quarts.......and that is just what I did.

Yesterday I spent washing down the walls and baseboards and cabinets in my kitchen and had no desire to cook.  I defrosted instead!!

Sunday for dinner I had made Roast Beef Au Jus.  Recipe posted on 5/23/10, Roast Beef Au Jus and on 10/11/10 Roast Beef on Swiss,  There was a pint of thinly sliced lean and tender beef and meat juices that I julienned and added to the defrosted onion soup.

What a meal!  It was even better than I had thought it might be.  In the future I will use any leftover cooked steak or roast by slicing it ultra thin and freezing it for later use in this wonderful onion soup.

Then if you REALLY want to hit it out of the park top the steaming soup with shredded cheese of your choice.   I used extra sharp cheddar but I will be try crumbled Maytag blue for sure!! 

Yield 4 servings.  NOTE:  These are challenging times for a lot of us and it is wise to not waste under any circumstances. Using your freezer to save and use your good ingredients is truly a wise and useful habit to cultivate.  My Grandma Neukan set a wonderful example for me.  I am so glad she did!!

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