Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Thanksgiving Skies.
This is always a challenge and I have been all around the block on the menu for years.  There have been times I did totally unconventional menus.  Like an all finger food Thanksgiving.  And times that I made every one's favorite dish and had so much I could not get and keep it all hot at once!!

This year I will aim for traditional moderation!!   

MENU for Thanksgiving 2011.

Roast turkey breast with plain and oyster stuffing,
Smoked Ham Roasted 'n Coke
Sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping,
Mashed potatoes and gravy,
Homemade noodles,   (recipe given Sept. 16, 2010, titled Handmade Noodles)
Green bean casserole,
Fresh cranberry sauce with apples and oranges.
Homemade potato rolls 
Pumpkin pie Ala mode,    (recipe given Oct. 5, 2010, titled Pumpkin Pie and Nov. 14, 2011, titled Pumpkin Bourbon Pie)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tea and coffee.

The appetizers will be shrimp cocktail and raw vegetables with fresh buttermilk dip. My Daughter in Law ( Mother of my 2 granddaughters) said she is bringing a cheese ball from when the girls were selling them for some fund raiser.

My granddaughter's have offered to bake the Pumpkin pies which they do well.  I am so proud of them!! I'll get the ice cream!!

I am getting excited!!  Now I must go and finish cleaning the upstairs and work on my grocery list.  I may bake the rolls today and slip them in the freezer.  They do beautifully if under baked and frozen.

I will try to have the where with all to take photos and give the recipes as I go.


Joel Cosby said...

Glad we have included ham- Thanksgiving without ham should be illegal.

Your Son :)

lily said...

I was thinking of YOU!!!

Your Mom ;-)