Make Egg Noodles for Now or Store in the Freezer

Since I will not want to be a slave to the kitchen on Thanksgiving day I have made the egg noodles today and I just plopped them in a freezer bag and stored them in my newly cleaned out freezer.

It is newly cleaned out not only because I "cleaned" it this week but in doing so I discovered I had plenty of great things stored to make a lovely pot of vegetable beef soup for Sunday Dinner!! The meat is simmering away this very minute.

So on to the subject at hand.  Our family has long made skinny strands of egg noodles by hand and my dear Mother holds the record for them.  Mine as you will see are thin but she bests me, no contest.  We make rolled dumplings that are fat but it's not a noodle at our house unless it is skinny!!

With these threads of golden egg and flour goodness you can make any type of noodle soup desired.  We make chicken noodle, beef noodle and a wonderful concoction with a ham bone and tomato juice boiled down to make a broth.  Yum.

But for big holiday dinners we just make a side known as noodles.  We use either turkey or chicken broth and simply boil the noodles 6-8 minutes until they are tender and pass your plate.  It is probably   the most requested and asked for left over after maybe the the meat and dessert.  Children love them.

Here is how I make them:

4-5 egg yolks
2 whole eggs
2-3 C. all purpose flour

Using a medium sized bowl dip about 2 C. of flour into the center and make a well.  Mix the yolks and eggs in a tea cup and beat them well with a fork.  Pour the eggs into the flour and stir with the  fork until it comes together and forms a stiff dough. 

Using you clean hands form the dough into a ball and continue to knead until it is smooth, stiff, yet pliable.  Divide the dough into two equal portions. 

Flour a large work surface.  I use the entire enamel counter of my Hoosier Cabinet.  Flour the rolling pin and roll the dough, turning it over frequently and dusting with flour as you go.   Roll it very thin.

Now you leave it to dry.  Try not to make noodles on a rainy day, the high humidity makes it hard to get them dry.  That is why I did this today as it is to rain the next 3 days here.

Usually it takes a couple of hours or so and you need to check them and turn them over about every 30-40 minutes.  If you have a portion that sticks.  Don't panic, just run a thin bladed knife under the dough to loosen it from the counter.

When dry and no longer sticky, but NOT brittle.  Cut the circle in half and lay all of the halves atop each other.

Starting at one edge roll them all tightly together.  Now slice.  If you prefer thicker noodles just cut them anyway you like them!!  Toss them a bit and store in a plastic bag in the freezer til needed.

To cook prepare about 6-8 C. hot strong broth and season well.  The noodles are not salted in the making so this is when they pick up their flavor.  I usually keep another couple of cups of hot broth on the ready in case it is needed.  Bring the broth to a full rolling boil and add the noodles all at once stirring as you go.  Turn the heat back to medium when it returns to a boil.  Cook about 8-9 minutes and taste for seasoning and to see if they are done. 


Sue said...

Good looking noodles. So handy to have made ahead!

lily said...

Wow....What a nice compliment!! Especially coming from you. I don't have anything in my bag of tricks that you and you sister haven't already done I expect!!! So thanks so very much!!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

I love the cutting technique! So easy. I'm going to try this with a gluten free pasta dough. Found this on Pinterest! =)

txkitty1 said...

Tks for sharing, especially the cutting method. My German Mom made egg noodles, so I've done the same over the past 40 yrs. but never dreamed of cutting like this. DUH... also, we add a topping: melt 1 stick of butter in large skillet, crumble one pkg of saltine crackers & add to butter mixture. stir on low-med heat - stir constantly and watch carefully, burns easily. Continue stirring until crackers are brown and crispy. Sprinkle on top of butter noodles that are in a large bowl or casserole. Most will never now topping is crackers, adds a yummy flavor! Enjoy

Wild Sage Lampwork said...

wow... Thanks for that... My Grandma recently passed away and I was just the other day thinking about her noodles. I think it is time to try out the recipe. :) Pam

I'm the Mami said...

So beautiful, love th rolling tocut the noodles, what a genius idea!

What do you use to seasont eh noodles exactly? Im sure you dont measure like good cooks, but someof us need a little help ;) (when you cook them I mean)

Diane Cosby said...

If I am making home made noodles it is usually for either chicken and noodles or beef and noodles. Either way I make a well seasoned stock. You can also use store bought broth and a rotisserie chicken from the store. In this case add additional bouillon cubes or crystals and keep tasting until you achieve a good strong broth. Season well and taste again. This is necessary because the noodles are mild. Shred the boned chicken in after the noodles have cooked in the broth and juast heat and serve.

MB Believer said...

I made these noodles and froze them 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.. use your kitchen aid with dough hook. It was so easy took 15 Min to roll out ..Forget those pricey frozen noodles !!