Thanksgiving Morning

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and God Bless!!  My morning has been good.  Here is sort of a play by play of so far.  Fixed breakfast for Brian.

Carved the turkey and ham.  I did the ham first.  Sorry forgot to take pictures but my procedure for both is the same.  I roasted then both a couple of days ago and cooled them then wrapped them each in a big plastic bag.

The ham was cooked in a dutch oven with nothing but about 12 ounces of coke poured over it.  I roasted both meats at 325 degrees F and kept them covered.  This keeps them from drying out and is the way our family has always done it.  I use a meat thermometer to ensure they are done.

The turkey breast was cooked in a large covered kettle sitting on a bed of sliced onions and washed and trimmed carrots.  No liquid is added.  I did use a rub I make up and used for about anything.  It is 1 part garlic powder to 1 part ground black pepper to 4 parts kosher salt.  I mix this up and ad 1/3 of this to one third paprika and a third lemon pepper.  I season inside and out and cover with a big lid again testing for doneness with a meat thermometer. 

After both meats are cold I refrigerate.  The meat absorbs it's juices and condensation and is WAY easier to slice when it is cold.

I lines two 9 x 13" pans with parchment paper and sliced each type of meat into one of the pans.  Then I cover again with parchment and then wrap the whole thing in heavy duty foil.

Before serving I will just heat up at 325 degrees fir about 20-25 minutes.  Just until heated through.  The parchment aids in again keeping it moist and it keeps the foil off of the meat, which I prefer.

I keep all of the bone and not so pretty pieces, skin, ham rind, all of it and make 2 packages and freeze them.  The ham I will sort through later and make ham and beans.  The turkey carcass with have enough meat when I thaw it to cool and make the most delicious turkey pot pies.  So there is nothing going to waste.

The potatoes are peeled and in salted water and a gallon of chicken broth is waiting for the making of the dressing and noodles. 

I am going to go dress and do my hair now and set the table.  I may not get back once our guests start arriving so again Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

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