We've had a White Christmas & Happy New Years to all 2013.

Sledding on our front hill the morning after Christmas.
Hello there to everyone.  We have returned with colds and coughs and are laying about like old dogs!  We had a lovely Christmas and New Years with family and friends and hope you did too.  Given the intensity with travel and company I have not devoted a bit of attention to anything except whatever has been at hand.

The schedule has been hectic with everyone coming and going.  I do believe that everyone had a Blessed Christmas season.  We got to visit with Jacob at the Burress Christmas held this year at my sister Linda's home.  He continues to make slow but definite progress and we see miracles happen and blessings continue as our prayers are answered in the Lord's time.  Thank you for your continued prayers for his healing.

I am going to take another day to try and play catch up and get to feeling better than it will be cranking up the sewing machine and preparing "slow carb" meals as I have decided to repeat my diet of last year.  I have only gained back 3-4 pounds of the 35 I lost so I thought a 10-12 week diet each New Year might be a good thing to continue.

Again Happy New Year to you all and thank you for looking in on this blog.  I look forward to your comments and e-mails in the coming year.


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