Three Books I am Reading of Great Interest and Entertainment.

"To Heaven and Back" by Mary C. Neal MD, "Revisiting the Past" by Don Cosby, and "Then Sings My Soul" by Robert J. Morgan
I love that this year we got as well as purchased for ourselves some rather interesting and diverse books.  Books are good anytime and I must add that although we have the new Kindle I still prefer the feel and presence of a good book in my hands.  I am so excited about all three of these I cannot resist sharing them.  Thus my subject for today.  I asked myself how often do I come across the treat of a really "good read"?  You know, one you just don't want to put down and then can't wait to pick up again?  I am not saying you would agree that all of these would be such to you but boy I am just loving them all!

The first book I will tell you of is written by my husband's uncle Don Cosby of Washington, Indiana.  Don is known as a bit of a historian locally and has written for many years for local newspapers and publications as well as been a successful businessman, loving husband and father.  The book is a very entertaining mix of factual history of southern Indiana and Daviess County and local lore, as well as humorous short stories, and poetry.  Some of the chapters I particularly liked are "A Random Act of Kindness" about the long lasting influence of such and act.  "The Origin of the name Loogootee" which is where my parents were from and did not know! "Lincoln's 1830 Route Through Daviess County, Indiana" which is a delightful voyage back into the history of this area.   'A Year Without a Summer",  Underground Railroad of Daviess County, and much much more.  Then there is the poetry.  These range from sublimely touching to side splitting funny with some written by Don and others old adages passed down.  My husband and I pass this book back and forth between us as we continue to enjoy it.  I am planning to buy 2 more copies as gifts for my side of the family.

Next I have delved into a book from my brother and sister-in-law "To Heaven and Back" about, " A Doctors Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again, A True Story by Mary C. Neal, MD.   The Prologue to this book begins with a quote I have always believed from Helen Keller, "The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."  Mary Neal weaves an invisible thread through her earliest life to the present which reads as a sunny walk on a warm spring day full of delight in the most basic.  I don't want to put it down.

Lastly but far far from least is a book from my blessed Mother, "Then Sings My Soul" by Robert J. Morgan.  This title as I am sure many of you may recognise is the title of an old and beloved hymn.
This fascinating book tells the stories behind the birth of each of 150 hymns.  Of course first thing I looked up a few of my very favorites as I was raised in the Lutheran Church and know many of them.
None of the stories of the authors and how they came to write the poetry of the hymn have been anything I would have ever imagined and very diverse as well as interesting.  Some are of intense feuds between sincere and devout people and others of sisters who collaborated or people in despair.

Very interesting and thought provoking indeed.

Soooo......if you are looking for a good read, as I have been fortunate enough to find these I am happy to share my take on these three books I am "devouring" with you. 

Note:  If you are interested in Don Cosby's book you can inquire about ordering a copy at 1201 NE 3rd Street, Washington, Indiana 47501.  The other two can be found in most book stores or libraries.


P.j. said...

Thanks for the referral! I was already planning to buy a copy of Uncle Don's book, but now I can't wait to read it!

Rohan's Mom said...

So are you related to the Burris family from Daviess County Indiana. I read this blog and saw a pin from pinterest with Joan Burress rum cake. My maiden name is Burris and they were from the Martin and Daviess Counties in Indiana. I have been researching my family tree but haven't come across a Joan.

Diane Cosby said...

To Rohan's Mom. Yes my parents grew up in southern Indiana in the counties you have mentioned as did my husband. The Burress' farmed between Haysville and Loogootee. We spell it differently than you though. My father had 2 sisters and 3 brothers and his father had several siblings but I do not recall their names. if I can help you further please contact me directly by e-mail.

Kathy Jones said...

where can the book be purchased? My mom and dad are from Washington and knew Don but I am having trouble finding it.

Diane Cosby said...

I sent your info to Don directly so he should be able to contact you and get a copy for you. Thanks!