Snow on the ground but Blooms inside as the Amaryllis bulbs burst with color and cheer.

Opened 1/7/13
Opened 1/19-20/13
Opened 1/23/13
My dear friend Diane Goss always sends me Amaryllis bulbs for Christmas since I mentioned years back about having enjoyed them dearly from when I first received one from my husbands Aunt Virginia, probably 30-35 years ago.  This years bulbs are the best in years!  They are putting on quite a show that will last for weeks and weeks.

This beautiful Amaryllis stands on my dinning room table enjoying the light from 3 sides.
The first one, above has opened a bud daily.  In addition it has another stalk with buds directly behind the one you see.  Big Bonus!!  To the left there is a second pot with a stalk and bud yet unopened.  There is a third pot and bulb just starting and although the stalk has not yet shot up you can see 2 fat buds on either side of the bulb gathering energy for the trip!

I am prone to getting the doldrums in the dead of the cold grey winter and these lift my spirits immensely.  So in case you do too I thought I would share these with you.  I am going to try to think to keep adding photos to this post as they progress.

One stem has broken but 5 buds remain.

This morning 1/11/13 I was surprised to find the weight of the 4 blossoms were more than the 1/1/2" wide stalk could hold.  It had fallen and broken off.  I was further delighted as well as surprised to find my suspicions confirmed that one bulb is bringing forward a remarkable THREE fat buds!

THREE fat buds!

Now I head to my stash of fabrics to find suitable material for my next project, aprons!

The second bulb has bloomed this week, ending 1/19/13.  It opened two buds together and is opening two more but a few days later.  Happily there are 4 more unopened buds yet to bloom.  I have moved them from the dining room to the living room and they do brighten my spirits for which I am very grateful!

Our Garden Today 1/23/13.
Note:  Each stalk has a bud and contains (usually anyway) four more buds within it and thus four giant lily like flowers emerge from each huge stalk.  Each bulb usually produces from one to three stalks.

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