Beaded Raindrops Above the Parasol, a Finishing Touch.

Just enough bugle beads were added to catch an occasional glimmer and give the effect of a rain shower .
Something kept tugging away at me after I concluded I was finished with the drawstring bag last evening.  At any rate this morning it came to me, raindrops, I needed to add raindrops above the parasol.

I first thought of clear sequins to catch a glimmer and grabbed my embroidery bag.  Upon opening it a lightening bolt struck as the clear glass bugle beads glimmered in the same small case within the bag as the sequins are stored.  As Brian stood in the kitchen pouring a second cup of coffee I asked him to grab one of the small dipping bowls stored in the same cabinet.  Of course I sat still in my pajamas and on my first cup of hot black coffee as he smiled and handed me the tiny bowl.

When you work with bugle beads it hastens the progress to dump a few into a small container that allows you to stab through the tiny hole at their center with your slender needle......I sought both clear and a few red beads to further enhance the color scheme I had started.

Next I fiddled until I found a needle slender enough to pass through the holes in the beads, not all will work!  And, I spied one of my embroidery hoops a tool I had not thought of either but proved very helpful.  I broke down embroidery floss to one strand, threaded the oh so thin needle, and randomly attached the tiny beads above the pink vintage crochet parasol.  Now there are raindrops.

Slow is the process but the result gives me the feeling it is now really done and ready for delivery.

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