Polka Dot Drawstring Bag with Vintage Crochet Parasol Applique, Gift #3 Completed

I have always liked pink and brown together and am happy to have found the vintage applique to use too.
I have been in love with this pink vintage crochet parasol applique since the first time I saw it.  When I spied this pink and brown polka dot fabric and a pinkish salmon solid a monochromatic color scheme came to mind.  I had two gross grain spools of ribbon on hand one more orange and one more pink and decided on the pink, so I sat down this afternoon and made this draw string bag.

I started as I usually do by tearing the fabric to the dimensions I need.  I had already laundered and dried it weeks ago.  Next I did the same for the lining fabric and proceeded.  After sewing the seams and making box corners at the bottom I did the same for the lining.

Since I was in the mood to do something a little different and I like drawstring bags that is where I went next.  I dropped the lining down into the bag so the wrong sides were together and pinned the top.  Next I folded to the the outside both the lining and bag 1/4" and sewed them down stitching along the folded edge.

Next I pinned on the applique and stitched it in place through both the bag and the lining.

I sorted through my labels and found just what I wanted to say and attached it on the opposite side of the bag inside on the lining.

I choose the pink gross grain ribbon and stitched 2 pieces together to double the strength of it.  Finally I turned the top of the bag to the outside 2" making a contrasting solid pink case to insert the ribbon into.  I marked 2" to leave openings at the 2 side seams and sewed the front and back casings closed, stitching right on top of the last row of stitching I made when I turned the edge under 1/4".

I grabbed a large safety pin and attached it to one end of my finished ribbon and drew it through easily.  When I had it all the way through I sewed the ends together securely.  I pulled the ribbon through to hide where I had sewn it together and adjusted it until I had equal straps on both sides.  All done!!


cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Very cute bag, what will you use it for? I feel I have been attached to my sewing machine for the past three weeks, two quilts finished and I'm currently sewing my third apron. I love sewing but I think it is almost time to put the machine away for a rest and do more hand work. Have a great week.

Diane Cosby said...

I think just to store or carry extra "stuff". With little ones you always have more than there is room for!

I envy you can sew with such focus and productivity. I am sidetracked often!

I tuck a couple of the bibs in each bag and send them off after the babies are born so it is an extra surprise from Aunt Diane. Sewn with love for those I cherish.

Have a lovely weekend. I am going to peek at your blog today to see your new things. You do such beautiful work and are an inspiration!

Sunshine said...

Diane, How adorable! Would be great Christmas gifts.