Second Vintage Patchwork Coverlet Repaired with Vintage Doilies

These are much sturdier than they appear and are perfect for covering places where the fabric itself had worn out.
Today has not gone as planned so I changed the plan and started back sewing.  I am making my way back to finishing some of the projects I have started so I can start some new ones!!

I love the delicate look these doilies lend to the overall appearance of the coverlets.
Today I completed the repairs on the second  vintage patchwork coverlet and am really happy with both of them.  They should both be just fine now for a good long time.

Basically I just select what will best work where and pin them down then stitch them snugly and back stitch trimming any loose threads as I go.

I really like that they have all darkened with age and appear as different shades of tea stain.  It adds to the vintage feel of the project.

Lots of personality reflected in these coverlets.  History too as Mother made them from the cloths belonging to my Grandmother and my Dad.
There is a comforter I am almost done with and it is very very old and some of the fabric is disintegrating so I am planning on using this technique for it also.

It is lovely that the patchwork patterns can show through some of the repairs and still be an effective restoration.
This is a frayed seam repair made with a strip of a nappy cotton lace and it works perfectly by stitching a rectangular box instead of just a row.
I really love this project and look forward to work on more if these  as it is needed.

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