Hemming Projecct Completed and Treasures Discovered at the World Wide Mission, a Consignment Shop in Evansville, In.

I ALWAYS press and pin hems before taking the first stitch!
The eight banquet tablecloths have all be hemmed and returned to their owner in ample time for her to decorate for the Saturday Wedding Shower.  It was easy and fun and I was pleased to have been able to help old friends.

I see sliced tomatoes, carrots and celery sticks, and pickles in this dish!
The off shoot is that Andrea shared her secret with I with you!  Shhhh, remember it is a secret!  She found the large pieces of fabric which were originally window scarves at "The World Wide Mission" a consignment shop on Congress Ave. in Evansville.  She purchased 4 which when cut in half and hemmed made 8 beautiful banquet table cloths!!  Now isn't she clever?  I certainly thought so.

I just fall in love with old cut glass pieces.
You feel much crisper edges in a cut glass piece than you find in a pressed glass piece.
Wednesday morning I visited it and found treasure of my own!  I am just crazy about old cut glass and I like depression as well as pressed glass.  Some of my favorite pieces are relish plates, and small bowels.  Today for a buck apiece or thereabouts I got a beautiful cut glass bowl,  probably a sugar bowl, and a pressed glass divided relish plate and another small bowl.

This bowl is pressed glass with a ruffled edge.
They came home with me just because I liked them.  I certainly didn't need them and will have to work to find places for them.    This post is for you Andrea because you asked me to share my treasures!

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