Old Steamer Trunks, Bunnys, and Sachets of Cloves

Three little girls and a boy all sit atop the trunk at the bottom of an Oak Sleigh Bed.
Yes, I do love "vintage" things, and old steamer trunks are just one more thing!  I have had a very old one for a number of years and I keep sewing things stored in it. It is so old it is made of wood with the remains of leather straps.   Recently I realized that after living here in this place I love for more than 30 years I have either too much "stuff" or too little room!

I like the smell of whole cloves and use them as sachets in drawers and closets.  They are said to repel moths too.
Alas I have been gifted another steamer trunk and have today washed it, laced it with little bags of whole cloves, and filled it with blankets.

I think some of the vintage hand embroidery might go nicely here.
The top tray is still intact so I didn't fill it so full as to inhibit it's closing.  Actually there was just enough room for all of the things I needed to store.  It was perfect.

And, it made a lovely perch for most of my collection of hand made rabbits.  The grandchildren do like to play with them.  If I am so blessed to live long enough perhaps I will then have Great Grandchildren who will enjoy them.....

Momma bunny and her doll.
My largest bunny did not fit but she sits with her very own baby doll to keep her company.  Over the years I have repaired a bit and sewn on new eyes but that goes along with children loving them.

A bitter sweet note.  All of these  bunny's were hand made and sewn by "Grandma Powell" otherwise known as Martha Jean Powell, the Mother of my first husband, the late Eddie Wade who passed with cancer at age 45.  This last bunny and her little doll she worked as she sat with him in his last days.  She once told me this bunny and her doll were stained with her tears as she sat sewing.  So we love all of them.  It is the least that we can do.

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P.j. said...

Bittersweet memory!