Black Elderberry Syrup & Jasmine Tea plus Random Thoughts.

Jasmine Tea and Black Elderberry Syrup
Some days are a surprise to me. Yesterday was one of those days. Full of the unexpected. Phone calls that were out of the blue and random thoughts. I need to water the plants.

My first surprise of the day was a call from a friend who encouraged me to check out a part time position she had heard was available. So into the shower I hopped.  Next where's that pair of shoes to go with these pants?  Then downstairs to the office to find a resume and out the door to town. 

What was that recipe I was thinking of? Did it take leeks or was it a cucumber? I'll go with the cucumber as I run into the grocery on the way home.

I need to pick the tomatoes but it is so hot!!

Phone ringing, how did you get my resume??? No, I don't think I want to sell insurance for your company??? What in the world was that??? 

After being laid off from my job for three years and a month now, and actively having looking for something I really would have liked to have done for over two years, I have all but resigned myself to an early retirement. So two out of the blue calls about employment before noon is a shocker!!

I am thinking I need a cup of tea, green tea. Jasmine tea is my favorite green variety. 

Black Elderberry is a lovely flavorful addition to tea and the fact it has anti-viral properties is a great thing to take advantage of. ( It interferes with it's, the virus', ability to reproduce.) Rather than brewing entire pots or gallons of tea I made up a batch of elderberry syrup to use to sweeten and flavor a glass or cup of tea. It is quite good. 

Here is how I make the syrup:

1/3 C. dried black elderberries
1 C. filtered water.
1/2 C. honey, locally harvested ideally

Combine the berries and water in a small lidded pan and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce to a very slow simmer and for 20 minutes. Strain and add the honey stirring to combine. Place in a sealed jar in the refrigerator.

Use by the teaspoonful to flavor and sweeten hot or cold beverages.

To brew the Jasmine tea bring a kettle of fresh water to boil.  Meanwhile rinse your favorite teapot with hot water from the tap to warm it.  When the kettle boils dump the hot water from the teapot and add a teaspoonful of tea for each cut of tea you plan to brew to the empty pot. Add boiling water and replace the teapots lid.  Leave it to steep for 5-10 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. Pour the tea and stir in a teaspoonful or two of the elderberry syrup to taste.  Enjoy!!

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