Kendle Case, Recorder Case, Rice Bag, and mending.

Yesterday I rooted through all of my assorted sewing stuff to dig out what I would need today. That is what I refer to as the grunt work. Getting everything together be it purchased of found. It is the no fun part of sewing.

There was selecting fabric and lining for a case for Emily's Kendle and doing the same for the case for Katies' recorder. Someone called and ordered a nutmeg scented rice bag and is the first one I have ever sold! I also had a sweater and pair of pants to mend and it is all done!! Boy does that ever feel good!!

I used some mid-weight denim with glittering hearts for a drawstring bag lined in baby blue for Kates' horn. Since the one end flares out and the other is shaped like a regular horn mouthpiece it seemed the best solution I could come up with.

Emily traced me a outline of the Kendle so I am hoping it will be just right. I found a heavy cotton that looked like tie-dye in pink, orange, and purple and lined it with bright tangerine. Thought it looked hip myself. We will see what the girls think. I am hoping I don't see disappointment in their faces.

Now for my rice bag. I used red and white cotton pillow ticking and grated 2 whole nutmegs in with the rice as the lady had requested it be scented with nutmeg. Smells very nice actually.

Then I mended Emily's sweater and her Mothers Pants that had gotten snagged on a chair and had a small tear right at a pocket.

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Merut said...

How neat! And I love rice bags. Every time I rave about them, people think I am crazy because they've never heard of them. Fools.