Wow I've come home to spring!!

It has been a colder, snowier, longer winter than those I have grown used to here on the southern border of Indiana. In the past 30 years that I have lived here many have had not a lot more than a mere dusting of snow or an occasional inch or two. Once every few years 4 to 6 inches all at once and little the rest of the winter. Many many times we have cooked out on the grill until well after Christmas. Hampered mostly by dampness and the cold grey clammy evenings that discourages outdoor cooking.
But this year snow has been a constant. Records have been tied and set buy consecutive days with snow or days with snow on the ground.
But when I returned from the colder bleaker climate north of Indianapolis in Hamilton County, much to my surprise!! Spring had sprung and I found crocus and daffodil blooming in my yard!!
So I have walked my garden plot and am thinking of the many things I would love to plant. I can't wait for our next trip up north in hopes of stopping at Wickman's Nursery north of Washington, In. on the return trip. They have the best selection of tomato starts I have ever seen anywhere. Oh, the things daydreams are made of......

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