When you are Sad Bake Bread and Sew!!

Last night I stayed up with Suzie the boxer we have had for over 13 years. It was our last night together. She died this morning but she had such a great life and was such a terrific dog I am really trying to just be glad that we got to be the ones who were Blessed with her.

We got her when Emily our first Granddaughter was just a little thing, maybe 18-24 months old something like that and they just played when they were little!! In fact it was Emily who named her. Her first choice for a name was Grandma but I asked her what her dolls names were and she said Susie. She said all her dolls were named Susie and we could call the puppy that too. So we did.

My best friend Diane found her for me at the Evansville Animal Rescue clear across town. Someone had dumped her by the Vet Supply store. I took off work and went and sat a couple of hours to be the first one in line to get her because my husband wanted to get a boxer. We had never had one. She was a prize if ever there was one!!

When Katie was born, our second granddaughter she had been afraid of other dogs but she never feared Suzie. Katie was a tiny little thing and I can still see her marching in our front door with her hand out to Susie.

Well anyway when the twins come they will look for her too so it is all of us who have to move on.

So what did I do last night with Susie? I helped her get up the stairs and up on the couch and I couldn't sleep so I baked bread. The same sourdough I posted the recipe for on Feb. 17. It is really good and it is time consuming so it has kept me busy.

Today I am still sewing and just finished the second tote bag which really turned out fine. I had used the last quilted sample I had so I had to quilt a piece myself to make the bag so it took a bit longer. I am happy with all of it so that is a good thing. At least I know how to do these things so it keeps me busy.

That is important when you have to get past things in life. This was the last picture of Susie. I noticed her the background of a picture I took of my husband modeling his new BBQ Apron last night when he first got home from work. She was always a good girl.

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