No Brainer Dessert "JELLO"

Gosh I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinet, the one with all the boxes of pudding, jello, and other easy stuff. I have some really interesting recipes that call for a half of a box of red jello and the like. In an effort to use up some partial packages I combined a couple and used leftover pineapple juice as the liquid. I guessed on the amounts hoping to go short rather than long on the liquid.
I just stuck it in the refrigerator and forgot about it until almost suppertime. At that point I remembered there were 3 spears of fresh pineapple in a zip lock bag in the vegetable drawer along with a partial tray of fresh blueberries. Remembering the ex-large wine glasses I seldom use I set about to "throw together" dessert.
First a slug of the fruit jello and then diced pineapple and a tossing of blueberries followed by more jello and back to the refrigerator shelf.
After enjoying the most wonderful diner of French Onion soup I topped the parfait with real whipped cream and called it a day.

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