Sundried Tomato with Havarty, Ham, Turkey, & Asparagus Grilled Wrap

I am new to the making of "WRAPS" but the first one has been a hit ! ! !

It is not uncommon for me to keep blanched vegetables on hand and today I have asparagus, one of my favorites. At the grocery I had picked up some sundried tomato flat tortilla like wraps thinking it was time for something new. At Rivertown Butcher shop I purchased Boars Head Tavern Ham, Roasted Turkey, and hot pepper Havarty Cheese.

My wrap began with a slathering of spicy honey mustard on the wrap. Then I placed a layer of turkey then ham followed by slices of the cheese. Next I positioned 4 stalks of the asparagus evenly across to top and rolled it tightly.

Meanwhile I had a heavy cast iron griddle preheating. After a sprinkle of olive oil I placed the roll on the heat and weighted it down with a cast iron grill press. After a few minutes of sizzeling I turned the wrap and let it crisp on the other side too.

After slicing it in half it made a delicious lunch. One I will certainly repeat for family and friends.

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