Roy the Rooster

Silly as I may seem I have always had a "bug" to write children's books. One title I have often though about is a story about, Sneaky Snake the Garden Snake, and I have a topic that I would like to develop about where food come from in story book fashion.

All this aside while I was away I noticed that one grandson was a "morning person" and the other a "night owl" and it set me to thinking about the roosters and their song to wake the work each morning.
One morning I sat down and out streamed a story about Roy the Rooster so I wrote it out, found pictures online and printed everything and placed the pages in plastic sleeves and all of the sudden I had done it......Written a little children's book and placed it in a three ring binder.

So Roy the Rooster now lives and will be added to the little library at my oldest sons house.

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