Sewing this week.

Monday I spent in preparation, selecting combinations of fabrics for my projects. I am not finished yet but have made a good start. Planing is the hardest for me. Seems like I have to go through a process of thinking and rethinking things to get where i want to go with them. 

So Tuesday all day I sewed.

My first tote bag turned out to look cute and cheery. I found a wide gross grain ribbon in one of my stashes of goodies that looked really nice with the last piece of quilted bed cover sample that I had saved. It went fine except it was quite overstuffed which means I have to cut a lot of batting out of the inside of the piece and it was a sample with a curved corner which makes for a longer narrower bag because I have to cut the curve off. 

I need to make another tote for another niece and I am still working it in my head as I will have to use another fabric type but I almost have it thought out.

Then I had decided to make my only brother Gary a "MAN BIB" or apron as it is otherwise known. He is quite a cook. Quite possibly a better cook than I am actually!! He is having a birthday next week.

I decided on denim for wear and tear and "manliness"!! Then I remembered I had some trim that is quite "male" almost looks like a woven guitar strap. Of course midway I decided I have to make one for my husband too as he is quite the BBQ master. So now I have made two and I really like both of them. I made a pattern, straightened the fabrics and off I went. Not bad for a days work,

Sadly our dog of over 13 years a boxer named Suzie is failing. Her days are numbered. 

I am sad.


Merut said...

Denim is definitely the way to go for a man. Sorry to hear about your dog. :-( We put ours "to sleep" a year ago. It was really hard. Try to bring someone with you if you can.

lily said...

Thank you. I appreciate your kindness. I am sorry you lost your dog, guess it just goes with having them. They get old or sick or hurt too. In the last 24 hours she really got worse and I loaded her up and took her in to our vet at 7:30 this morning and we put her to sleep. She went very gently.
I feel relief that she is done with suffering but it is strange to be here alone today without her.
I am sad for awhile.