Joe Engelbrechts' Orchard

This sign marks the entry to the orchard at the end of the drive.
Just picked Peaches and an Apricot/Plum cross.
Today was one of the loveliest days we have had. Just beautiful.

After sewing all morning I thought it time for a field trip plus I needed to get Diane's gift tote bag in the mail.
Everything is as neat as a pin including the cheery entry.
We have a treasure about 8 miles up the road. Joe Engelbrecht has an orchard and he has followed in the footsteps of his wonderful parents, Bill and Debbie Engelbrecht and is living a family farm and orchard, an enterprise I am happy to support and hope you will too.
Joe Engelbrecht
There were fresh peaches and blueberries. Lovely little fruits I can't recall the name of. I love them though and bought a box. They are a cross between a plum and an apricot. I have already washed the box of peaches and the cross between fruits and eaten three of them!!

Cucumbers growing on trellis'.
There were also early apples and tomatoes. The cucumbers are on trellises and about an inch long so they may start as early as next week depending on the weather. i love to make pickles.
The retail building.
There was a variety of jams and jellies as well as some hand made items on display too.
To get there from Newburgh you go north on I-164 to Exit 18, 57 South. At the light turn left and go to the very first street to the right. It is right there. You will see the sign.
If you would like additional information they are on Facebook under Joe Engelbrecht's Orchard. Joe's wife Nicole is on Facebook daily giving out information and directions.

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