Taco Salad

Taco Salad with Homemade Seasoning and Ranch Dressing.
There are days I just don't want to leave the house and I am further aggravated that there is something I need and will have to go to the store and pick up. For that reason I began collecting recipes for things that I like and that I bought in processed form but are easily put together. That is how I happened upon this recipe I keep for Taco Seasoning. It lives in my cabinet in a little jar so if I am sewing or whatever I can easily grab it and I can replenish it just as easily!!

Taco Seasoning Ingredients:

4 T. Chili powder
3 T. plus 1 t. Paprika
3 T. Cumin
1 T. plus 2 t. Onion powder
1 t. Garlic powder
1/4 t. Cayenne pepper
1 T. dry Cilantro (optional as desired)

Use 2 T. seasoning mix to 1 pound cooked and browned ground beef or turkey plus 1 C. water. and simmer until the water is almost gone. 

Taco salad:
Build as follows;
Place tortilla chips of your choice on plate and slightly crumble them.

Add a layer of the seasoned taco meat.

Top with your choice of shredded cheese.

Add diced green onions and sliced black olives if desired.

The next layer is fresh diced ripe tomatoes.

Top the tomatoes with shredded lettuce.

Drizzle with your favorite dressing. We like Ranch or Green Goddess.

You can also set up a taco bar and let everyone just help themselves.

This salad is a meal we have enjoyed for many years and came from my first Mother-In-Law, Martha Jean Powell.

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