Strawberries with Pineapple Sponge n' Cream

Betty Cosby is my husband's Aunt by marriage to his Uncle Gene of Washington, Indiana and they are just plain old ordinary WONDERFUL people!! And as wonderful goes she was sharing one of her recipes with me while we visited with them a few weeks ago. 

She told me to get a Betty Crocker, and it has to be Betty Crocker or the recipe won't work, Angel Food Cake mix and stir it together wiih one can of crushed pineapple, just stir by hand like you are baking brownies until it is all moistened. Put it in a prepared 9" x13" baking pan, and bake it at 325 degrees 30-35 minutes until it tests done.

Cool the cake and cut into squares. It could be eaten as is, sprinkled with powdered sugar, frosted, or served with berries and cream.

Since Katie (11 year old granddaughter) was here yesterday afternoon I thought it the perfect day to give this a whirl!! Katie agreed and so the cake was made. 

Prior to our cake baking we went to Wright's Berry Farm and collected 6 quarts of luscious strawberries so we were ready for this to become a stellar desert and we were not disappointed. This combination of berries and pineapple in a light sponge cake is really really good!!!

Betty who is also a long time devote to Weight Watcher's says the cake is only 3 points on their program and she had made one nearly every week last summer for she and Gene to enjoy.

As my mind works I can see why because the cake is just plain tasty and could stand alone like a snack cake or further dressed up be fit to kill!! Plus it could not be any easier or less fuss. Just think of a drizzle of chocolate across the top!!

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