Mini Rice Bags

Six newly stitched mini rice bags.
If you know about rice bags than you know how wonderful they are in a multitude of ways. They are unbelievably effective as bed warmers on cold winters nights. Folks with chronic cold feet love them heated up and slid into the foot of the bed to cuddle their frozen toes against! Many have requested I scent them with lavender flowers or with essential oils which permeate the room when the bag is heated.

Those of us with aches and pains swear by them to wrap or brace up against any afflicted area of the body. I generally heat a large one in the microwave for 7 minutes and it will stay warm for hours. No electrical cord or overheating worries. If I get it a little too warm I just place a towel or light blanket around it which seems not only to keep me from being too warm it insulates the bag further and keeps it warm even longer. Just the thing for our weekend warrior activities and overzealous gardening projects.

One day last week I had an epiphany. If the large rice bags are great, why wouldn't small ones you could just tuck here and there be equally useful? For instance, for a stiff neck how about a smaller neck roll? For an arthritic wrist why not a smaller pillow? And, for a sore spot someplace on the back, a larger pillow to just slip into place??

Also rice bags can be put in the freezer to be the ready for bumps and bruises. A rectangle in the freezer might just be lovely for placing it across the forehead and eyes to alleviate a headache.

Funneling rice into a light blue mini rice bag.
I pulled out the fabric scraps and the remainder of the last 25 pound bag of rice I had purchased and set about to stitch the together.  (Although a observer would have wondered if I had gone into producing "corn hole" bags.)

Six assorted bags ready and I am well stocked. I am putting half of them in the freezer and will use the other half for aches and pains.  Time will tell if this is a great idea or not.  Time will tell!!

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