New Tote Bag Sewing Project OR Diane's Birthday Present!!

My dearest and best friend in the world, Diane had her birthday last Wednesday and I told her I would make her a tote bag and send to her as soon as I got the logestics of it and the making of it done!!
She lives in Bloomington, Indiana and will be heading out on a family vacation later in the summer and she wants to use it then especially. PRESSURE.
So I have been mulling this around in my head for a good three weeks and it is way past time to get on with it. You see I wasn't commited to the fabric combination to use. She is a special gal. A bit younger than me, a bit sportier, yet conventional and traditional in her decorating tastes. Waaaay more colorful than I am.
I have vetoed the denim, the blue poka dot, and the peach colored sailcloth. I decided against the black and white buffalo check and the brown speckled fabric.
So here we are. Plaid. Going with a plaid. I selected a cornflower blue, eggshell beige, and red plaid to be lined with a contrasting red and white seersucker stripe fabric with cornflower blue handles and straps that will go all the way around the bottom of the bag for strength and stability.
I choose the plaid because it has color and a youthful jazz about it yet the size makes it conservative and not loud or flashy. To pair it with a red stripe seersucker gives it a summer like playful feel and it is not generally done (the stripes and plaid thing).

So there you go.
I have already washed the plaid fabric but I will need to throw in the seersucker and run it through a cycle before I take the scissors to it.
More to come another day.

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