Grilled Chicken Fillets for Two makes a fine 4th of July.

Rivertown Butchershop's Specialty Chicken Fillet wrapped in Bacon
After celebrating Emily's birthday on Friday and traveling to Indianapolis to celebrate the twin's birthday we returned for a quiet 4th of July of just "bumming" around running errands and grilling a simple dinner for two.

Newburgh's own Rivertown butcher, Randy Pearson has a specialty chicken breast fillet seasoned with his "secret" ingredients and wrapped in bacon. Brian picked them out at the butcher shop and elected to grill a couple of these in our Weber charcoal grill using the indirect heat method,

*Coals are placed around the perimeter or to the left and right of the base portion of the grill and the meat is left in the center where their are no hot coals on the rack above the coals and the lid is closed over it all. The air vents are opened above the placement of the meat. Brian also added hickory chips soaked in water to the mix for an additional smoke flavor.

My part was simply to shuck and cook the corn on the cob. Ten minutes in salted boiling water is perfect for our tastes. 

The chicken was delectable and is a "do again" for sure.

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