Newburgh's Farmers" Market getting Better.

Giant Sweet Onions, Radishes, and English Cucumbers.
Saturday I made my second trek to the Newburgh Farmers' Market and am happy to say I see improvement since the first one. These were more vendors with more goods to sell. 

Fresh Picked Green Beans.
I specifically was looking for green beans and green peppers and found both as well as many other common garden items that are still scarce as it is still a bit early given the weather we have experienced.

This honey is made less than a mile down the road from my house!!
Many other non gardens are available too. There is fresh honey from at least two vendors and you know what they say. Buy local honey. Also there is a great booth of home made soap, creams, and other concoctions. I saw artwork, homemade dog treats, baskets, popcorn, and baked goods, as well as Stonewall Farm wonderful organic meats.

It is open 8 to 12 noon every Saturday morning right down on the river Caty Corner from the Edgewater Grill.

They have gone to great pains to make sure visitors are "herded" like cattle as is the norm these days. The entrance is to the side, facing east so the further you park towards the library the further you will have to walk to and from carrying your armloads of treasure. I suggest bringing large tote bags if you plan to shop to make it a bit easier because that part is not the concern of the sponsors, Historic Newburgh who obviously have done the "traffic control."

If I sound unkind it is not my intent.  I just find it irritating in any setting to be "herded".  Hummm.
Does this mean I have issues??  Probably.

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