Heaven in a Pickle Jar, Fresh Pack Pickles.

Heaven in a Pickle Jar.
Very odd things make me happy and pickle recipes are one of them. I have always loved pickles and I have collected pickle recipes for ages. The last two years I have gotten and/or improvised fresh pack pickles and they are just super. Nowhere near the mess and great results. You just make them as you need them or make a lot as long as you keep them refrigerated. I have never had a problem with spoilage.

This recipe was adapted from one given to me by a very special lady. Over in Henderson, Ky. she is known as the Herb Lady, Mickey Theines. She first told me about them and said they were "Heaven in a Jar." They are wonderful. If you are one of the many who have a fresh herb garden going, this recipe is for you as it calls for fresh herbs. If not there are probably herb plants at the local garden center marked down to nothing so I would try that before resorting to dried herbs.

Yield 1 quart Heavenly Pickles:

2 C. white vinegar
1/2 C. salt
6 C. water

Heat all together to dissolve.

2 stems of rosemary
3 stems of tarragon
4-6 medium cucumbers cut into spears

Pack washed cucumbers cut into spears along with the rinsed and dried herbs into clean and sterile jars. Cover with the cooled brine and screw on cap tightly. Keep refrigerated until eaten.

Store excess brine in a clean jar in the refrigerator for the next batch. It won't be long as they are truly a "Heavenly" pickle.

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