Lemon Tea by Chris

Gosh, Tea and lemon has always gone well together but this particular ratio is just about the most refreshing thing ever!!
While visiting our son's home north of Indianapolis I tasted this beverage. I couldn't believe how simply he had put it together.
For a gallon of beverage steep only 5 or 6 one portion black tea bags in 2-3 cups of freshly boiled water for about 15 minutes. Juice one whole fresh lemon and add to a one gallon pitcher. Thoroughly wash a second fresh lemon and slice it very thinly adding the slices to the pitcher.
Strain the tea you have steeped into the pitcher and fill with fresh water (we use filtered), stir to combine and enjoy poured over ice.
I didn't even add sugar as the result is mild and refreshing without being sour or bitter. Although you would be fine to sweeten it as desired with sugar or honey.

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