Herb Wreath

It seems I am still enjoying sitting out of doors even though it is terribly hot. All of the lovely big trees shade the back of the house and the rocking chairs are welcoming as Molly tears through the door and I follow with way less razz ma tazz!!
We have had so many vines being drug up to the patio by both Oreo and Molly that I rather aimlessly began messing with them the other day and have since put together 4 wreaths. Well, maybe 3 1/2. One is only a start hanging across the corner of the chair.
My favorite by far is the smallest a little herb wreath..... I love the smells of the thyme, rosemary, chamomile, and sweet basil all together. I think if I go out tomorrow I may find an unscented pillar candle and use it for the candle ring.
I just started winding it all together and tucking here and twisting there. Not much to it and I really do like it a lot. It is a relaxing thing to do in the shade in the "dog days of summer."

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