Rivertown Butcher Shop, You never "sausage" a place.

Randy Pearson, owner.
With a motto of "you never 'sausage' a place, Randy Pearson presents a unique outlook and twist to the butcher's profession!! A veteran of the Marine Corp. he brings a tough work ethic and tireless high standards to his place of business.

Mobile Smoker
MAs you pull up outside the front door the customised smoker he invented greets you. As often as not it is fired up and he will have all manner of meat sizzling away slowly as the grey smoke waifs up to your nostrils teasing you with what he has cooking.

Big Green Egg
Flanking the other side of his front door is a "Big Green Egg" he also cooks on and it too may very well be fired up with some tasty treat. Randy sells prepared to order BBQ and smoked dishes for his lucky clientele and will also cater.

Deli Case
As you enter you can't help but notice the long deli counter that flanks the left side of the store with the featured BOAR'S HEAD meats and cheeses. I have often commented that I suspect nicotine is injected into the Arostica  Chicken and Tavern Ham which explains why they are habit be forewarned!! Not to mention the Dill Havarti and Pepper Havarti!!! OH MY GOSH!!!

Fresh Seafood
Fresh seafood is another specialty. His deliveries are several times a week which insures his fresh is really fresh. Many times I have ordered a 5 pound case of trout and picked them up as the truck pulled away from the curb. Imagine my surprise one day upon opening a fresh box of trout to have been greeted by a fish with a note fastened to him pleading, "please don't eat me"!!!! That Randy, we all howled. I can also attest to wonderful copper river salmon, grouper, walleye, and oysters, as well as shrimp and many other seafood items I have seen but not yet tried.

Seafood Case
The chickens are free range and always fresh and plump. He features custom tenderized and marinaded boneless skinless chicken breasts as well as a large selection of stuffed chicken breasts that are prepared and ready to cook.

Prime and Choice Steaks and Roasts
There are always choice and prime steaks displayed and they are custom cut to your specifications. Beef is ground while you wait from selected cuts to be made into regular ground beef, ground round, and ground sirloin. May times whole sections of beef, a whole beef tenderloin for example, are run at special sale pricing and are then cut for you to your specifications at no additional charge. Freezer wrap is also available.

Sausages Made In-House
Randy has another claim to fame and that is his sausage making. He daily features a long case of his custom made sausages and I can tell you first hand they are out of this world. You can also order specialty items like his turkey brats which are low calorie and you will not even believe they are not pork!!

Collection of Wheaties Boxes Overlook the Shop.
I also want to mention that Diane, Mrs. Randy Pearson also can often be seen working from behind the register or the meat counter. She is a ray of Carolina sunshine and genuine charm and adds warmth and grace anytime you are fortunate enough to speak with her. You will recognise her as her smile lights up the place!! It is a for real family business as Randy's father as well as their sons and daughter in law may also be who is waiting on you from behind the counter.

My last note of interest is to all of you out there who admire unique collections. The Pearson's have on display a Wheaties box collection, Bobble head collection, various pork paraphernalia, like a flying pig, not to mention sports stuff and things I have yet to figure out......

Located at 7766 Fruitwood Lane in Newburgh, In. 47630. Telephone 1- 812-853-9808.


gatorheel1 said...

I have been there myself and you are right, it is an awesome place.Between the choice meats and charmimg service , you won't find another place like it in the state.I'll be going back again soon!

lily said...

Like minded we are!!!! And we appreciate a quality product and great service for our hard earned dollars!!! Betcha I will see you there my friend and we will never know it.


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