Molly has a houseguest, Oreo comes to play!!

Front left is Molly and right rear is Oreo.
I have sometimes thought and so had Brian about having two dogs rather than one. We spoke seriously in the last year of Suzie's life but didn't think it fair to move a new dog in on her at that stage of her life.

For a few days we have a four legged house guest!! Oreo, a Brittany/Beagle mix is visiting and we are getting a taste of what it would be like. They are getting along great. A little too much energy sometimes but I am managing that.

It is working well to let them into the backyard and keep them there in the mornings. It isn't overly warm yet. There is tons of shade, and a fish pond with running water to gulp or frolic in!!

By the time I let them back in the house they are settled down from running and chasing after the squirrels, who I must say make light of them.

They like to be in the same room and lay around until one or the other of them hears something outside....then they race down the stairway, through the family room and out the door.  KABOOM.
That is the drill.

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