Pie Dough and Cookie Dough, I'm Making Dough Today!

Numbers are good for little ones and I still have time to find cutters for Easter.
Yesterday I went to Michael's on the east side of Evansville.  I went looking for Easter Cookie Cutters of which I have none.  It would have been a sure sale.  Paste food color and pastel sprinkles were also on my list.  They have several isles devoted to baking pans, cutters, colors, flavoring etc.  That is where the wedding and birthday things are also.  Nothing like an Easter cookie cutter was to be found.  I was very happy with the 12 color package of food color paste and the 5 jars of pastel sprinkles though!

What I HATE is the way both Michael's and Jo Anne's herd customers like cattle at the check out and the way you ALWAYS have to wait in line in their corral!  There is only one other place that I know of to have gotten what I needed, Ba's Kitchen Konnection, downtown.  I will go there from now on I think, even if it is further and the parking is not good.  At least the always have a great selection and they treat you like a valued customer.  Plus they are locally owned.  Now that I have that off my chest!

This wonderful cookie paint is 1 egg yolk, 1 t. water, and food color paste.
I wanted to make some painted cut out cookies to send the little boys.  I do have some big numbers cookie cutters and have decided to use them.  Thought I might send our son a pecan pie too as that should hold together en route.  So this morning I have busily made a batch of cookie dough and a big batch of pie dough.  Both have always been no fail recipes for me so I am including the links at the bottom of this post.
Maybe I will roll out the pies yet this evening.

Perfect Pastry for the Pecan Pie I am Sending to Indianapolis.
The cookies are ready to pack up to send.   They loved the hearts I sent for Valentines Day made from this same recipe.


P.j. said...

What about Hobby Lobby? The cookies are cute. I expected the story to be about cutting out leftover pie dough with the boys. That was always my favorite thing to do whenever Mom baked a pie. I would use cookie cutters to cut shapes & sprinkle cinnamon & sugar on them. Sometimes Mom would forget to take them out before they scorched though! ;-)

cambric cotton, pins and needles said...

Those cookies are so good, I have also been looking for easter related things and apart from the mountains of chocolate eggs etc, I have'nt found much. I'm also very aware of the loss of personal service, I hate those serve yourself registers that are popping up in every store. They take staff off the floor and when I look for support I cannot find anyone. My little winge over, have a great day, from Australia