Cheap Tips, Steel Wool Pads

Cut soap pads in half to stretch your $'s!
Steel wool pads come in quite handy when scrubbing a pot or dish with stuck on goo!  But seldom do I use it all up the first time out only to find a rusted and disintegrating mess when I grab it again.  My money saving and very helpful hint is to cut all of the soap pads in half the day you buy them and store them until needed.  At that time they are ready to go and I seldom if ever have needed more than the half pad at a time.  You now have stretched your purchase 2x's your investment.

Further if you store the previously used half soap pad that still has a bit of life left in your kitchen's FREEZER section it will not rust and disintegrate when you grab it to use again!  It is a little cold but will serve you well.

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