Spring Cleaning Continues! From Drawers and Cabinets to Closets.

When last I posted about cleaning I was hard at work on all of the drawers and cabinets on the main floor of our home.   It is daunting because once you start you just see and find more and more.  I may plan to do this but am suddenly side tracked by that.  As I plod along I wonder at my enthusiasm and at how marvelous I feel after completing any little drawer or shelf!

I was sidetracked when Brian came down again with pneumonia a couple of weeks ago and I caught whatever he had that led him to contract it initially.  What a sight we both have been, curled up sick and coughing.  But this week we both seem to have recovered and I am stirring up the dust again.

Now I have completed two closets and today planned to start a third but was again sidetracked when I decided to move the kitchen table, then the canisters, and of course you find dust bunnies hiding in those places we seldom look!

I am excited to report I have lost count of the big trash bags I have filled and hauled out to both the good will truck and the trash.  My rule is stern but if we haven't used it in the past season or 6 months or so we must not need it!  This will really get tricky when I get to Brian's "stuff"!  For, he is much worse than I am and could win an award for being a champion pack rat.

There is a master plan.  I have always moved the summer cloths to the main bedroom closet in the spring and rotated them out and the winter things in as the seasons changed.  Now that everyone is grown with homes of their own I came to the realization it would be much more practical to move all my things together in another closet and then just go to the opposite end as the seasons change!  Then Brian can do the same with everything all in one place.  Less work for me in the long run and he shouldn't have to go banging around from closet to closet calling out, "where's my this or that?" as husbands are known to do!

All of this when really all I want to do is sew but I will not allow myself to until this house has had a good "going through" and then I must get everything ready for our tax man.  (A job I REALLY hate!) sewing will have to wait!  And then there are the spring flowers I love to plant? 

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German Zollinger said...

Don't be disheartened! Once you conquer every nook and cranny, you would emerged victorious against the dust bunnies, which are so hard to find! Keep up the battle, so you can enjoy a dust-free home in the upcoming months. Hang in there!

German Zollinger @