SPRING CLEANING, Moving the Cedar Chest and Purging a Closet, then Off with the Flanel Sheets, I am expecting SPRING.

Such a lovely storage chest a cedar chest is.
Moving the cedar chest from the back of the Durango to the foot of a bed in an upstairs bedroom has turned out to be a long time coming due to the ice on our driveway!  Oh yes, our son and Brian could have done it but I just kept putting it off because of all of the ice.  Since the garage doors are not only shaded with trees but also on the north side of the house I was beginning to think it might be Easter by the time we had a thaw.  Somebody falling was just not worth it to me so I kept putting them off with, I just wasn't ready yet, or I needed to finish cleaning out the closet, or any other excuse that came to mind.

But hallelujah!  The ice is gone and the driveway is dry.  You cannot imagine how happy this has made me.  So, yesterday afternoon I thought I would move it myself.  Brian always has large sheets of cardboard stored for some reason or another so I grabbed a couple of flat sheets about 2' x 3'.

Next I lowered one end of the cedar chest onto the cardboard on the driveway.  From there I could easily walk it across the garage and to the steps just by moving the sheet of cardboard I had just walked the chest across to the end of the one I just stepped onto.  Then I laid a cotton blanket up the four stairs and positioned the chest on it's flat top and pushed it into the family room.  The hall and stairs were easily navigated by pushing the chest on the flat top up from the bottom.  Then in the kitchen I stood it up and again walked it, inching along on the two front corners in a walking motion.

And there it is ready to be filled with bed cloths and treasure! The funniest thing is that I had no sooner sat down with a glass of ice water when my benefactor, Grandma Powell called to see if Brian and I had ever gotten well.  We are both still coughing but on the mend I told her.

Since I was off to such a dandy start I proceeded to clean out the closet in that bedroom.  Then after lugging out 3 trash bags and hauling a couple of boxes to the Good Will truck up at the shopping center I can tell you I am off and running after a prolonged bout of bronchitis!  Tomorrow I plan to do another closet and each day thereafter.  That plan worked out very well with the drawers and cabinets so I think I will stick with it. 

My master plan is to consolidate and purge everything in this house and believe me when I tell you that is a tall order.  It seems to me you spend the first 2/3's of your life accumulating "stuff" and then you wonder what you are doing with all this.......and so it goes!

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