Vintage Singer Sewing Machine, Vintage Aprons, & Treasures Galore!

What memories this brings to mind!
Yes......I have been away.  Last week I made the rounds seeing both sides of the family! Our son, grandchildren, my Mother, and sister, Grandma Powell,  Uncle Gene and Aunt Betty.  My husband's Uncle took a terrible fall on the ice and I was quite shocked to see how badly he was injured!  Grandma Powell sent me home with lots of treasure, most of which is still in the back of the car as I wait for either a break in the weather or a visit from one of our sons to help me carry a lovely vintage cedar chest in and another fantastic treasure!  A vintage Singer sewing machine!

I really do think it is exactly like the one I first learned to sew on in Ruth Sproat's class and in 4-H starting in the early 60's.  I would say it is well over 50 years old and will bear further investigation when I can get it inside!  Grandma Powell used it for years and one of our sons took it up to Noblesville to Arbuckle's Appliance Repairs and had it overhauled about a year ago so I am grateful to know it still runs like a top!

On a personal note I am sure hardly anyone reading this can imagine that as a member of my local 4-H club I walked on a gravel road between 4-5 miles each way, sometimes twice a day in the hot summer sun to attend the various 4-H meetings I needed to attend!   Back in those days there was no air conditioning much less a cell phone and everyone didn't have a car.  I fact I never had a bicycle!  Can you imagine anyone even feeling safe enough to do that now?

Even though I now have three sewing machine I am tickled to have this old girl to add to the line up!

I was also fortunate as she gave me a large oval lap quilting hoop.  I have a round one and am again tickled to add this to my vast array of sewing treasures!

Some of the vintage aprons.
Last but far from least she gifted me with Aunt Margaret's collection of aprons, which I dearly love!  I would say Margaret probably made most of them which I find really neat,  She and Uncle Boge never had children so I will treasure them.  I really haven't figured out how best to photograph them but I am working on it!  Only one of them simply ties at the waist.  Most have armholes and wrap around the torso as they frequently did in days of yesteryear!. 


Wendy Phelps said...

WOW I just love that machine, my mother had one the same, does it have the knee pedal? I learnt to sew on this one and an old Singer treadle that my grandma had. You have sure brought back some memories, as kids I always wore a pinny over my clothes as did my mum, in fact I remember all mums wore aprons. Enjoy your new stash, Best wishes Wendy

Diane Cosby said...

Thanks Wendy! My Mother and Grandmother both had peddle machines. I sewed on them too but I only watched them until I learned to sew "properly" from Miss Sproat who taught Home Economics and was the girls 4-H leader. I had said to Mother recently I wish I had our old peddle machine but this is indeed the next best thing! I am so glad to have shared memories with you!